Onface VR Sync

Simultaneous contents playback to unlimited All-in-one-Headset

Centralized contents playback to unlimited
All-in-one Headset with the simple action.

With Nibiru Sync everyone shares the same experience simultaneously.

What contents we support

360° Video


2D/3D Video



Where we use VR Sync

Education / VR Cinema / Presentation / Tourism

Why VR Sync ?

- Support mainstream file of Video (2D/3D/VR/3DVR), Picture, PPT, APP,using VR environment to playback the VR and traditional contents for your case
- Support Unlimited All-in-one Headset playing simultaneously on the same LAN.
- No streaming, content is pre-loaded on devices.
- Content management system included can manage and update contents in real time efficiently.

VR Sync Package

Order units of VR Sync Box and HMD can be customized.
Customers can select the color of HMD between white and black.

How to ues VR Sync?


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