Android Face Security

Android board & Face-recognition camera
Face Recognition
Access Control


Non-Contact Face Recognition Access Control System
Commute Record and Management
A Central Server manages all doors


It is so compatible with the existing automatic door
It is available to use the existing fingerprint, RFID card, etc
It is so compatible with Digital Door Lock System


Apartment Entrance / Building Access
Office Commute Management / Branch Network Management
(Missing Person)
Finding Solution
Criminal (Missing Person) Finding Solution compares the criminal's face that is found in CCTV video with data image in our database and check it is his own face or not Analysis time is very short and rapid because it saves as binary files that contain face features. That Shows the highest performance sines it automatically converts 2D face to SD faces


2,000,000 people searching for one second
Right and left 30 degrees. Up and Down 15 degrees recognized
10 pairs of twins face to accurately discern(option)
PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) Patent applications
Reception system

Reception System

Customer DB

Consumer awareness
in advance
of facial recognition.

priority answering
a Increase
in customer satisfaction

Door interlocked
Automatic opening
and closing

Work management

Smart Monitor

Presently, our company finished to develop an Android program (apk) to recognize a face on a video at the first all over the world, and to announce it widely we decided to send this to the person who are interested in new business by Face-recognition on smart-phone.

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