We have world-leading technology in high-speed transmission, signal generation and signal analysis of digital signals.
Our technology is also applied to Digital RF technology, leading the 4G LTE / 5G wireless signal processing market.
High Speed
Data Transmission

01. High Speed Digital Optic Transmission

  • SONET / SOH Standard Optic Transmission Technology
  • CPRI / OBSAI Standard Optic Transmission Technology
  • Custom Frame Design I Optic Transmission Technology
  • Max. 40G Speed Optic Transmission Technology
  • Optic Ix / Rx Transmission Nodule Dev.

02. High Speed Digital UTP Transmission

  • 10/ 100/10008-T(F) Ethernet Technology
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) Technology
  • Custom Frame UTP Transmission Technology
  • USB Interface Transmission Technology

03. High Speed Digital Data Transmission

  • IF/ lQ/ Ethernet Composite Signal MultiplexingTechnology
  • Data Compress I De-compress Technology
  • Synchronous Transmission Network Clock Sync. Technology
  • HDLC / PCIExpress / RAID / SRIO High Speed Direct
  • Transmission Technology
  • DDR / SDR Memory Access Technology
Digital Signal

01. High Speed ADC/DAC Interface

  • Up to 1 Gsps ADC / DAC Interface
  • Zero IF and SSB Interface
  • RF Transceiver with Integrated ADCs and DACs
  • High-speed Multi-mode ADC
  • JEDEC JESD2D4A interface (3 Gbps)

02. High Speed Digital Filter Design

  • FIR / IIR Digital Filter Technology (4096 Taps)
  • Interpolation / Decimation Filter Technology
  • Delay / Amplitude Channel Equalizer Technology
  • Multi-rate Digital Filter Technology
  • Digital Synthesize Technology
  • Digital Correlator Technology

03. High Speed DPS Algorithm

  • TI TMS Series DSP Processor
  • DPO, CFR APR Liearization
  • ICS Interference Cancellation Technology
  • Adaptive Signal Processing(ASP) Technlogy
  • Radar Signal Processing(RSP) Technology
  • DSP/RSP/Algorithm FPGA or DSP Implementation Technology
Signal Generation
and Analysis Technology

01. Digital Signal Generation

  • 2G/3G/4G(LTE)/5G Modulation and transmission
  • Radar Chirp, Barker, PH Code Technology
  • AWGN, Fading Channel Signal Model Technology

02. Digital Signal Measurement

  • 2G/3G/4G(LTE)/5G Signal Measurement Technology(Code Domain Demodulation)
  • Rx Signal Power Measurement Technology
  • Channel Decoding with Viterbi Algorithm or Turbo
  • Decoding TechrlOlogy
  • Sync Time Acqusition & GPS Timing Technology

03. Digital Signal Analysis

  • Time I Frequency (FfT) Signal Analysis Technology
  • BER, PER, FER, EVM Signal Analysis Technology
  • Digital Isolation Detection I Analysis TechrlOlogy
  • Timing Sync I GPS Clock Time Synchronization
  • Performance Analysis Technology
  • Radar Target Detection Performance Analysis

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